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Ceramic Coating 9H

Ceramic Coating 9H


Your car deserves nothing but the best. Our Nano Ceramic 9H Paint Protection once professionally applied to your car gives a 100% guarantee of effectiveness and the highest quality of ceramic protection that can last for years. Nano ceramic coating has the ability to increase the overall hardness of paint up to the level of 9H, as well its measurable thickness, reaching up to 1 micron. All scratching and fading which may appear during washing or as a result of extensive exposure to caustic substances like bird droppings do not reach the paint, leaving its surface intact. Moreover, it is entirely resistant to chemical substances which makes it incredibly durable and resistant to frequent washing.

Other Benefits:

Long-lasting showroom shine.

Hydrophobic (Water repelling)

Less maintenance and easy to clean effect

High scratch resistance

Weather protection, UV

Preserve car value condition

5 years warranty
“We provide free maintenance wash for your car every 6 months during the 5 years warranty.”