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LIWREA, the spray-able liquid wrapping film is the first water based liquid film designed for a flawless result in durability and finishing. It is long-lasting, peel able, strong, water based and it comes in different colors.

LIWREA is an aqueous emulsion of acrylic urethane, which creates an elastic film, protective, very tenacious and easily removable. This product is free from harmful substances and developed for waterproof protection of glassy materials, plastic, metal & ceramic. This product is the best alternative for vinyl stickers, paint protection film or even original paints.

By using this product, customers can customize and change the color and look of their vehicle without the worry of damaging the original paint. We all know if we repaint our call and do not do PAINT WRAP, our car’s value goes down by minimum 50%. So, with PAINT WRAP or PEEL-ABLE PAINT, you enjoy as if you bought a new car and so do your friends and family.

Use LIWREA and get ready for some compliments!