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Professional Leather Care & Repair

Professional Leather Care & Repair


“We take care of your leather items”

We provide professional leather care & repair using CRONEL FLORENCE technology. Cronel Florence professional leather care products were created for the perfect repair, cleaning and repainting of the car seats and sofas, but it can be use also for many other leather stuff that must be restored.

We have a full range of excellent chemicals products for cleaning, repairing and repainting all leather items (Interior car, Interior yacht, Motorcycle seats, Sofas, Clothes, etc.), easy-to-use, water-based chemistry to respect the environment and containing natural substances.

The leather items should be kept clean to prevent grease and contaminants can attack it. All repairs carried out with by us and our products are to be considered like ORIGINALS FROM FACTORY! Repairs made with CRONEL FLORENCE have a very long durability. CRONEL FLORENCE is always at the forefront with new technologies.

Stained, scratched, damaged or worn seats: We can repair any damage with excellent results.

This is also valid for steering wheels and plastic car interiors.

Steering Wheel Renovation


We guarantee the easy renewal of any leather steering wheel in a short time regardless of its condition.

This procedure can be done from the interior of a car or by removing the steering wheel for greater simplicity.

Repainting Seats


When the car leather interior has cuts, scratches or is worn, the value of the car value deteriorates so it is wise to intervene.


It is not always necessary to replace the original leather – using Cronel Florence technology we can repair/renew the car interior in a safe, efficient way. It is more economical than replacing the leather and secondly, the value of the original leather interior is maintained.